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Quick Guides

VaxServe.com Quick Guide

Download our Quick Guide for a short reference to the most commonly used features of VaxServe.com.

User Account Quick Guide

Having trouble setting up a user account? Download our Quick Guide for some simple step to get you logged in.

Reporting Quick Guide

Learn how to use our advanced reporting on VaxServe.com to better understand your vaccine needs and purchasing history.

Influenza Reservation Quick Guide

Use this Quick Guide to confirm, adjust, and create influenza reservations.

My Saved Order Quick Guide

Download this Quick Guide to learn how to save multiple orders for easy and convenient re-ordering.

SMS Notification Quick Guide

Want to receive SMS order notifications? Learn how by downloading this Quick Guide.

SMS Flu Order Notification Quick Guide

Learn how to get SMS notifications for your influenza order by downloading this Quick Guide.

Order Tracking Quick Guide

Confused about where to find the tracking number or packing slip for your order? Download this Quick Guide for simple steps to find your order related documents.

Return Center Quick Guide

Easily return expired vaccines and view the status of your past returns using VaxServe's Return Center. This Quick Guide walks you through the steps you'll need to make returns a breeze this season.

Invoice and Payments Quick Guide

This Quick Guide walks you through everything from viewing your invoices online to scheduling payments and applying credits.

Central Approver Quick Guide

Review and manage order placed by your organization with ease. This Quick Guide will outline the steps your approvers and delegates need to review, approve, or reject orders.

Formulary and Product Catalog Quick Guide

Learn to easily navigate the product catalog and how a formulary works.

Full Guides

VaxServe.com Full User Guide

Download our comprehensive guide for an in depth reference to all features of VaxServe.com.

Video Library

How to create an account and log in

Need help onboarding a new site? This video will walk them through setting up a new account, creating a new user, and logging in for the first time.

How to submit an order

Need help placing an order? This video walks you through the basics of finding the products you need, adding to cart, and submitting your order.