Rapid Test Kit QuickVue® Respiratory Syncytial Virus Test (RSV)

The QuickVue RSV test is a dipstick immunoassay which allows for the rapid, qualitative detection of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) antigen (viral fusion protein) directly from nasopharyngeal swab or nasopharyngeal aspirate specimens for symptomatic pediatric patients (eighteen years of age and younger). A single sample can be used to run both the QuickVue RSV test and QuickVue brand Influenza tests. Results in 15 minutes. CLIA-waived.

Infectious disease immunoassay respiratory syncytial virus test (RSV) nasopharyngeal swab / nasopharyngeal wash / nasopharyngeal aspirate sample 20 tests/box.

QUI20193 | Quidel

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Store the kit at room temperature, 15–30°C, out of direct sunlight. Kit contents are stable until the expiration date printed on the outer box. Do not freeze.