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Make influenza prevention a year-round part of your practice

Educate about the seriousness of influenza
Identify patients who need to be protected against influenza
Recommend vaccination and immunize with Influenza vaccine

The only influenza vaccine licensed for use in persons 6 months of age and older
Available in no-preservative formulation


Influenza vaccine is indicated in persons 6 months of age and older for active immunization against influenza virus types A and B contained in the vaccine.

Safety Information

The most common local and systemic adverse reactions to Influenza vaccine include soreness at the vaccination site that can last up to 2 days, pain, and swelling; fever, malaise, and myalgia. Other adverse reactions may occur. Influenza vaccine should not be administered to anyone with a history of hypersensitivity to any vaccine component, including eggs, egg products, or thimerosal (the only presentation that contains thimerosal is the multi-dose vial). Influenza vaccine should not be administered to individuals who have a prior history of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS). Vaccination with Influenza vaccine may not protect all individuals.

Before administering Influenza vaccine, please see full prescribing information.

For the MSDS sheet click here.
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