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Surgical Products

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Histofreezer® Portable Cryosurgical System
Provides a safe and effective treatment for external warts and other common benign skin lesions in 15-40 seconds. It uses a warmer freezing agent unlike traditional liquid nitrogen, so no anesthesia is required. Well tolerated by adults and children.
Value Kit: Includes (1) 80mL Canister of Cryogen, (12) 2mm and (24) 5mm Applicators and Detailed Instructions. 1 Each.
Limited Availability
Ear, Nose, and Throat

Lighted Ear Curette
A brilliant white light is projected to the tip of the curette. The magnification lens enhances the view of the ear canal to visualize cerumen. Single patient use tips reduce the risk of any cross contamination as well as eliminating the time, labor and costs associated with re-sterilizing steel curettes.
Lighted InfantScoop®. 2mm Diameter Tip. Plus 1 Light Source and 1 Magnification Lens. 50/Box.
Limited Availability
Safe Ear Curettes™
Flexible to reduce and avoid injury to the ear canal or tympanic membrane. Safer than stainless steel curettes. Single use to eliminate the time, labor and costs associated with the re-sterilizing steel curettes as well as reduce the risk of any cross contamination.
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  • Youth, Blue InfantScoop® 2mm Diameter tip. 50/Box. (BIO4888)
  • General, White FlexLoop®. 4mm Diameter Tip. 50/Box. (BIO9555)
Limited Availability
Ear Wash System
Turn the entire process of cerumen removal into a clean, quick, safe procedure, with the first system to simultaneously irrigate and suction discharge using revolutionary Hydrovac Action. Eliminates messy outflow by automatically dislodging, removing and disposing of cerumen. Transparent tip seals tightly and directs outflow back to sink and away from you and your patient. You control and monitor suction, water temperature and pressure. Safe, reduces typical side effects like vertigo, nausea and tympanic membrane damage.
Welch Allyn Ear Wash System. 1 Each.
Limited Availability
OtoClear® Ear Irrigation Tip
Developed to safely and thoroughly clear the ear canal of wax and debris. When activated, the tip sprays divergent streams of water, gently toward the interior walls of the ear canal, not directly against the tympanic membrane. The OtoClear® Ear Irrigation Tip is designed to conveniently attach to a standard Luer Lock syringe, Tabletop WaterPik® and the new Portable WaterPik®.
  • Flared-tip design ensures OtoClear® can't be over inserted into the ear canal. 
  • Directs water flow away from the tympanic membrane virtually eliminating the risk of rupture. 
  • Exit portals prohibit buildup and direct drainage into reservoir reducing back splash and clean-up time.
Tips for Luer-Lock Syringe or WaterPik®. 40/Box.
Portable Water Pik®
A completely portable irrigation delivery device that can be used for procedures anywhere in or out of the office. Provides effective pulsed irrigation. WaterPik® is a registered trademark of WaterPik®, Inc. Features:
  • 155mL self-contained water reservoir. 
  • Easy to use on/off controls. 
  • Small, lightweight design. 
  • Rechargeable battery. 
  • OtoClear® Ear Irrigation Tips sold separately.
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  • Portable WaterPik® Unit Includes 3 OtoClear® Adapter Wands. 1 Each. (BIO7245)
  • Ear Lavage System, Includes: 40 OtoClear Tips, 1 Portable WaterPik Unit, 3 Adapter Wands & 1 Irrigation Basin (BIO7280)
Face Masks

Procedure Mask
Pleat-style with earloops.
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  • Full-size. Latex-free. Comfortable to wear. Procedure with ear loop. Yellow. 50/Box (DUK1531)
  • Full-size. Latex-free. Comfortable to wear. Procedure with ear loop. Blue. 50/Box (DUK1530)
  • Pleat-style with earloops. Blue. 50/Box. (KCH47080)
Limited Availability
Instrument Care

MetriCide® 28-Day Sterilizing and Disinfecting Solution
Reusable sterilant and high-level disinfectant for up to 28 days. Recommended for immersible and heat-sensitive equipment and instruments. Contains a surfactant. No dilution required.
1 Gallon. 1 Each.
OB/GYN Supplies

590 Series KleenSpec® Disposable Vaginal Specula
Welch Allyn's single-use specula eliminate the time and expense of reprocessing and reduce the chance of cross-contamination. Each speculum is designed and manufactured to deliver durability and reliability. Features:
  • Newly designed light pipe provides a homogeneous spot and eliminates glare back
  • New wider handle provides improved ergonomics, better balance, and is much easier to manipulate during exams
  • Smooth, molded acrylic will not pinch or bind tissue for greater patient comfort during the exam.
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  • Small. 24/Box (WEL59000)
  • Medium. 24/Box (WEL59001)
Currently Unavailable
Currently Unavailable
KleenSpec® Disposable Vaginal Specula Cordless Illuminator
Totally redesigned to provide the key features you've come to expect - plus a number of important and exciting enhancements.
- Superior Visualization - advanced LED light source provides better visualization of the exam area by supplying brighter, whiter light, right where it is needed
- Cordless and Rechargeable - no cord to get in the way or break during procedures, continuous on time of 80 minutes, recharge time of six hours, lithium ion battery technology; the new cordless illumination system easily fits right into the new KleenSpec® Disposable Vaginal Speculum
- Automatic On/Off - no more hassle with turning the unit on and off; when the new Kleenspec® Illumination System is inserted into the 590 Vaginal Speculum it is automatically illuminated and once it is removed the light goes off
- Versatility - use your new Illumination System as an all-purpose light source as well as with the KleenSpec® Disposable Vaginal Speculum
- Convenient - no cords to clean, much less heat than traditional lamps
KleenSpec® Disposable Vaginal Specula Cordless Illuminator 1 Each
Limited Availability
Vaginal Speculum
Disposable plastic. Wrapped individually in plastic sleeve.
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  • Small. 10/Bag. (DUK6650)
  • Medium. 10/Bag. (DUK6660)

PDI Duo-Swab Swabsticks
Contains one cleansing scrub swabstick saturated with 7.5% Povodine-Iodine and one antiseptic swabstick saturated with a 10% USP Povidone-Iodine.
Packaged for single use.
Povidone-Iodine Duo-Swab Swabsticks, Prep & Scrub Singles, 25 Swab Sets/Box
Limited Availability
Gallant® Disposable Prep Razors
Stainless steel blade.
1 Box of 50 Razors
Limited Availability

Medi-Cut™ Disposable Scalpel
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  • Number 11. Sterile. 10/Box. (DYN4111)
  • Number 15. Sterile. 10/Box. (DYN4115)
Currently Unavailable
Currently Unavailable
Suture Removal

Precise™ Disposable Skin Staple Remover
Disposable ski staple remover designed to provide fast and easy removal of all brands of surgical skin staples.
Tweezer-style. 1 Each.
Staple Removal Tray
Instruments: Plastic Staple Remover; Absorbent Material: Gauze Sponge, 4 x 4, 12-Ply.
1 Each
Limited Availability

Look® Sutures - Nylon Nonabsorbable - Black Monofilament
Precision reverse cutting.
Choose Presentation
  • Needle Type: 3/8 Circle. C6 (FS-2). Needle Length: 18mm. Suture Length: 18 inches. Suture Size: 4-0. Ethicon Equivalent 662G. Sharpoint Equivalent: AC-0182N, AC-0182D. 12/Box. (SSC922B)
  • Needle Type: 3/8 Circle. C3 (P-3). Needle Length: 13mm. Suture Length: 18 inches. Suture Size: 5-0. Ethicon Equivalent: 689G. Sharpoint Equivalent: AA-2177N, AD-698N. 12/Box. (SSC1285B)
Limited Availability
Limited Availability
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