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Diagnostic Supplies

Medical Supplies     Diagnostic Supplies
Electrodes - Diagnostic

Q-Trace® Diagnostic Electrodes
Conductive adhesive hydrogel for excellent adhesion and low impedance for clear, reliable tracings.
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  • Latex-free. Gold 5500. 100/Pack. (LTP30807732)
  • Latex-free. 5400. 100/Pack. (LTP31433538)
Limited Availability
Currently Unavailable
Red Dot™ Resting ECG Electrodes
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  • 2.2cm x 2.2cm Resting Electrode. Tab Style. 100/Bag. (3M9650)
  • 2.2cm x 2.2cm Resting Electrode, Tab Style, Stronger Adhesive than 3M9650. 100/Bag (3M2360)
Currently Unavailable
Currently Unavailable
Electrodes - ECG

Care® Resting ECG Tab Series
Care 310: Offers Rounded Corners. 100/Pack
Currently Unavailable
Medi-Trace® 200 Foam Electrodes
Conductive adhesive hydrogel. High quality foam substrate resists fluids and conforms easily to skin to ensure excellent trace quality. Smaller size for convenient lead placement. Teardrop shape for easy release and removal. The Medi-Trace® 200 foam electrode is a high performance, cost-effective general monitoring ECG electrode.

--Sold in individual Strip Quantities (each Strip has 3 Electrodes)
General Monitoring ECG Electrodes. Foam. 3/Strip.
Limited Availability
Welch Allyn Resting Tab Electrodes
Resting Tab Electrodes
Resting Tab Electrodes. 100/Box
Currently Unavailable
Electrodes - Stress Holter

Medi-Trace® Electrodes
High quality foam substrate resists fluids and conforms easily to skin to ensure excellent trace quality.
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  • Medi-Trace 530. Diaphoretic foam. Latex-free. 30/Pack. (LTP31013926)
  • Medi-Trace 230. Foam. Latex-free. 30/Pack. (LTP31078135)
Limited Availability
Print Media

Print Media
Compatible with Quinton Instruments(18416-001, 18416-002,16211-003,036868-001, 036869-001),216mm x 280mm, 218 Sheets/Pack, F-Fold, Red Grid
Ultrasound Gels and Supplies

Aquasonic® 100 Ultrasound Transmission Gel
Acoustically correct for the broad range of frequencies used. Completely aqueous. Will not stain clothing or damage transducers. Hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic, non-sensitizing and non-irritating. No formaldehyde. Not a spermicide.
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  • 0.25 Liter Dispenser. 1 Each. (PL01-08)
  • 5 Liter SONICPAC® with Refillable Dispenser. 1 Each. (PL01-50)
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