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Medical Supplies     Urology
Drain Bags and Accessories

AMSureĀ® Infant Urine Collection Bag
Collection bag with safe adhesive. Sterile.
200mL Bag. 1 Each.
Limited Availability
Specimen Containers

AMSureĀ® Urine Specimen Containers
4 ounce specimen container with screw on lid.
Choose Presentation
  • 4 ounce Specimen Container. Non-sterile Interior. 25/Sleeve. (AMAS343)
  • 4 ounce Specimen Container with Label. Packaged Individually in Poly Pouch. Sterile Interior. 100/Case. (AMAS340)
Limited Availability
Limited Availability

Fluff Underpads
These Fluff underpads have good absorbency with a rayon fill that does not shift during use.
Choose Presentation
  • 17 inches x 24 inches. 100/Box. (DUK11724)
  • 23 inches x 24 inches. 50/Box. (DUK12424)
  • 23 inches x 36 inches. 50/Box. (DUK12436)
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